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Hello friends, welcome to another blog. This blog has all the neseccary information an Indian would need before he/she integrates completely into the German society. I am sure all of you must have heard the famous saying “Be a Roman when in Rome” , the blog is based on this saying. 1) Always be on time! Germans are really strict … Read More


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The Mercer Quality of Life Index ranks more than 450 cities worldwide according to the quality of life. Factors such as the political, economical, environmental situation, personal safety, health, education and public transport, etc among others taken into account. The new ranking of 2018 has been released last week and among the top ten, are three German cities – making … Read More

5 Most Luxurious Cities In Germany

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While living costs are more or less the same wherever you go in Germany, there is one factor influencing your living costs: Rent. This varies widely between German cities. With renting costs rising and rising, politicians are trying to put an end to that trend – so far without any real results. Most people coming from abroad to Germany probably … Read More

Koblenz: A Hidden Gem in Germany

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Koblenz might not be the first city that comes to mind when you are planning a trip around Germany,but it is definitely worth a visit. Koblenz is a middle-sized city in Rhineland-Palatinate, with 113.000 inhabitants. There are two big rivers going through Koblenz: the Rhine and Moselle. One of the most visited places is probably the ‘Deutsche Eck’ (literally translated … Read More

Germany: The New Destination for Indian Students

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The Education Sector is one of the largest markets in India. It is a growing market not just in India but also in the overall world. With the prices in tuition fees soaring every year due to an increase in the number of students and claims of quality education by Universities, students find themselves in a dilemma to choose between … Read More

Berlin: From a students perspective

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Berlin: A Students Perspective In our previous blog, we helped students get a brief understanding about education, the German culture and the various job opportunities; Deutschland has to offer. Now that we have established the fact that Public Universities in Germany offer free education for selected courses. Educaro would like to assist students and Individuals alike to understand a city … Read More

Football in Germany – a Student’s perspective and Uni-Liga

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Student Football in Germany Germans are quite enthusiastic about their football. Like the English, we really do not like the word “soccer”. Football in Germany is not just spectator sport for the Bundesliga, but also all the way down to the lowest leagues like “Kreisklasse” do get a lot of attention and support by the local community. During the season Games … Read More

Social Life in Germany

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If you have any doubt about Germany’s beauty and potential to be your new place to call home I will teach you better! Not only does this country offer great opportunities to work and study but also does it provide you with the option to enjoy any other second with the possibilities I will introduce to you about social life in … Read More

Educaro on YourStory.com


Yourstory- German startup Educaro helps students and young professionals make a hassle-free entry into Germany Founded by Christian Sassin and Leon Schneider it is a one-stop-shop for students and young professionals aiming for careers in Germany. Planning your studies and a career abroad is a time-consuming and often stressful affair. Especially for countries like Germany, with strong language barriers and … Read More

Applying for a Job – The Right Way

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You have to consider some things when preparing your candidature file in Germany. The letter of motivation needs to be refined but not too long. In Germany, usually a photo is attached to the file. Spell-check and try to keep all the papers in order. If you found a good job posting for this job and you want to be … Read More