Football in Germany – a Student’s perspective and Uni-Liga

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Student Football in Germany

Germans are quite enthusiastic about their football. Like the English, we really do not like the word “soccer”. Football in Germany is not just spectator sport for the Bundesliga, but also all the way down to the lowest leagues like “Kreisklasse” do get a lot of attention and support by the local community. During the season Games are generally conducted on the weekends while training is during the week multiple times. As such, people gather on the weekend to visit a friend’s game or the local cities major team that is playing for advancing into the higher league or fighting for survival in the given league. From the smallest community to the largest city, Football in Germany is that advanced that they compete on a pretty professional level. Even during the studies, many universities have a concept called “Uni-Liga” that has first taken place several years back in a small university city called Goettingen.

Here is how it works

Students of a German university form teams and compete against each other during the semester. These are a mix of local and people from abroad to become a team and train and play against each other once a week. The only requirement is curiosity and the willingness to compete and having fun at the same time. Football in Germany became quite famous at multiple universities and every universities’ winning team will advance to the national competition where the best team of each university will play against each other in a defined host universities campus.

Great way to connect with people

There are already a lot of Facebook groups that are dedicated for communication within each universities’ “Uni-Liga”. If you are a planning your studies at a German university and are interested to easily make German friends and play some football, you should become a member of the respective Facebook group of the university where you have admission. Even if you do not speak German very well, when it comes to football Germans even accept letting go of speaking the German language, but also accept speaking in English. Here is the Facebook Page for Uni-Liga of University of Goettingen:

The teams oftentimes get together after a match day and go out and have a cold drink together. It is an amazing way to connect and learn about the German culture and make nice friends.

Altogether, football is a great way to connect with people. The chance that you find someone interested in the last match days’ results is very high in Germany and will definitely build a bridge to get together and share a good conversation.

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    Nxt year am planning to join German university.Is it possible to play soccer proffesionally?

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