Jobs in Germany

Profile Assessment

The IGCC Educaro ProRec program enables foreign applicants to gain a clearer picture on the acceptance of their domestic qualification and the potential of obtaining equivalency in Germany

Learn A1 Level

With the help of certified local and flown-in native German language teachers, students are introduced to the German language, a clear necessity for all seeking employment in Germany


After 4 to 6 weeks, the initial assessment of the professional and academic qualifications will be completed, indicating the further steps to obtain equal recognition by the German government

Job Application

Having completed B1, the student is ready to commence applying at German companies, by sending out academic, professional and language qualification in conjunction with meaningful CV and Letter of Motivation

Learn B2 Level

In order to work successfully in a German firm, command of the German language with a minimum level of B2 is required. As it is necessary to communicate with clients and colleagues in German, fluency is necessary

Online Interview

Already while being only enrolled in the B2 classes, the applicant can attend the first round of interviews over the internet. The goal at this stage is to get acquainted with as many firms as possible and receive invitations


Combining all previously acquired certificates, it is at this stage possible to approach the embassy in order to apply for a job seeker visa, allowing the applicant to remain in Germany for 6 months to attend personal interviews.

Germany Job Interview

In Germany, the applicant attends all second round interviews in order to identify them most promising position, giving way to converting the job seeker into a work visa with all health, security and insurance benefits

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